Tips for Baking and Storing Cookies

tips-for-storing-cookiesWe all love a delicious home made cookie every now and then. The irresistible waft of butter, sugar, and chocolate/peanut butter/nuts/anything make for the perfect treat after every meal or even between. Though most people don’t give a second thought about the lowly cookie, there are actually a few overlooked cooking tips that you can follow to maximize your baking experience.

Prep tips:

To make making cookies easier, leave the cookie dough in the fridge overnight before you start separating and spreading the dough into little cookies on a baking pan. The hardness of the dough will make it easier to work with and less sticky.

Oftentimes a problem with cookies is they are only tasty when they come fresh out of the oven because they’re moist and chewy and after a few days they get stale and hard. If you want your cookies stay chewy for days after baking, the magic is in the prep work.

Starting with the butter, make sure it is completely melted into liquid form, using a microwave if necessary. If your recipe calls for white sugar, replace some of it with brown sugar. When adding the sugar, add it into the butter instead of the dough and dissolve it thoroughly first, then throw it in with the dough.

Storage tip:

There is one more trick you can use to keep your cookies fresher and chewier longer. Store your cookies in an airtight jar or container and throw in a slice of bread with them. The bread will work to suck up the air and moisture so it will preserve your home made cookies longer. The bread trick is quite versatile and will even soften brown sugar when it gets hard and solidified.

With these cooking tips for baking and storing cookies, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor longer and have a tastier cookie to boot. If you are looking for some cookie recipes, we recommend you check out our peanut butter, pecan sandies, and Famous Amos cookie recipes just to name a few. Have fun and enjoy!