Feta Pasta Salad Recipe


I totally ran out of time today but was hungry as heck. So scrounging in my fridge, I found all the necessities to make this pasta salad. (Whew - I feel very lucky at this point.) This pasta salad recipe is very easy to make. If you don't have cooked pasta laying around, no worries, ...

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Recipe


I would have to say that spaghetti is my comfort food. Not only that it calms me and makes me smile silly while reminiscing my childhood, it also makes good leftovers that I don't get sick of. (Well, unless I have to eat it for a week straight, then sorry spaghetti, no more.) Anyway, my spaghetti ...

Angel Hair Pasta Recipe


Oh, heavenly angel hair pasta! Doesn't the name 'angel hair pasta' already bring comfort into your soul? At least it does to mine! Angel hair pasta is probably the most delicate pasta of its kind, hence its name 'angel hair'. This angel hair pasta recipe consists of a light but flavorful sauce. The pasta is paired ...