Pan Fried

Pan Fried Steak Recipe


I'm probably giving you the impression that I like to pan fry food. Well, you're almost right. It really depends on my mood and what I got to work with. If I'm in the mood for something a bit crispy on the outside, but nice-and-juicy but not totally-drenched-in-oil on the inside, then I'll go for ...

Pan Fried Salmon Recipe


Salmon, another great option to my post July 4th, no-more-meat, diet (for now)! I am well aware that pan frying salmon isn't at all that healthy, but heck, I didn't say no-more-oil diet, did I? (You can double-check my comments on lamb kebab recipe and cold soba recipe to see what I'm talking about here.) ...

Pan Fried Chicken Recipe


Let me clarify that this is a pan fried chicken recipe, NOT a deep fried chicken recipe. This won't turn out like the extra greasy KFC chicken is or was (whatever they're trying to be nowadays. No offense KFC - I still like your coleslaw!). I like deep fried foods, but I'm choosy as to ...