Orange Punch Recipe


Doesn't the orange punch in the picture above look so yummy? You'll never guess that this orange punch recipe consists of mainly soda! You'll fool your guests just as likely, just remember to throw away the evidence (soda bottles). Oh, this orange punch isn't all so bad. (I am not kidding you, it tastes great!) Besides, ...

Disneyland Mint Julep Recipe


Manfood told you Manfood recently went to Disneyland remember? Well all Manfood is remembering, beside bacon-wrapped asparagus from Bengal Barbecue, is zesty Disneyland mint julep drink Manfood got after almost peepee pants from Haunted Mansion. Manfood can think no better way to cool off in summer than with minty fresh drink, except maybe eating minty ...

Pimm’s Cup Summer Cocktail Recipe


In case you not noticed, Manfood was unexpectedly blasted by summer heatwave over weekend just as official summer season started a few moons ago. Manfood figure, 'Why not Manfood start summer off with yummy Pimm's cup summer cocktail?' Everyone know what Manfood want, Manfood get. So without much further ado, here is refreshing Pimm's cup ...