Grilled Salmon Salad Recipe


Grilling and salads, two combos that go great together. (I totally agree with busymama about grilling in the summer but still being healthy. See her grilled chicken salad recipe.) But what's great about grilling salmon versus chicken is that you don't really need to marinate the salmon, or let it sit for a while. (But ...

Lamb Kebab Recipe


It's July, and I've probably already been to a dozen barbecues. No offense to my friends and family, but NO MORE hamburgers and hot dogs please! I need variety. Especially in the summer. So for my July 4th barbecue, I was determined to celebrate the American liberty by freely changing up the all American diet. ...

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Recipe


Manfood recently visit Disneyland and after riding Jungle Cruise ten times in row (what can Manfood say? Manfood from jungle) Manfood found himself in front of Bengal Barbecue right outside Jungle Cruise exit. Intrigued by BBQ scent exactly matching Manfood's cologne, Manfood ventured to Bengal Barbecue stand to grab a bite of bacon-wrapped asparagus on ...